Wiener Werkstätte – Van de Velde – Rappaport, Felix (editor). – Wiener Rundschau.


The famous, and very rare, journal ‘Wiener Rundschau’ a ‘Zeitschrift für Cultur und Kunst’ was edited by Constantin Christomanos and Felix Rappaport, published in the years 1896 till 1901, and was suspended in September 1901. Here present is the complete last year in 18 issues from January 1902 until September 1901. Because of the outmost rarity of the journal, it was published only in very small numbers, there was a reprint made. Here present is the extremly rare original print, which hardly can be found, even the big Austrian libraries have only incomplete copies. – It contains many first editions about art and culture, Theatre, Opera, dance and Viennese life, by Albert Aurier, Carl Bleibtreu, Leon Bloy, Gustav Bridier, Otto Bryk, R.W. Emerson, Tola Dorian, Gustav Th. Fechner, André Gide (Philokret in the translation by Rudolf Kassner), Baron E. Gumppenberg, A. Gurewitsch, Franz Hermann, Paul Janet, Rudolf Kassner (about Oscar Wilde), Alfred Komarek, Hans Landsberg (about Büchner), Emil Lucke, Maria Markowitsch, Roger Marx, Maurice Maeterlinck, Ernst Schur, August Strindberg, Henry van de Velde (advices how to upheaval woman dresses), Emil Rudolf Weiss and others. The illustrations and plates are by Emil Rudolf Weiß (woodcut ‘The child’), Odilion Redon (‘Le Bouddha’), Henry van de Velde (fashion plates dresses for home, dress for outside and tea-gown). – A rich source for the time and it culture at the epoch of the ‘Jugendstil’, which specially in Vienna was flowering brightly.

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Vienna, K.K. Hoftheater-Druckerei, 1901.

V. Year, issues 1 – 18 (January 1901 to September 1901) in 1 volume. 28,5 : 20 cm. 361 pages with many illustrations, partly on mounted plates. Modern half cloth binding.

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