Surrealism – Wyss, Dieter. – Der Surrealismus. Eine Einführunge und Deutung surrealistischer Literatur und Malerei.


First edition. – Introduction into surreal literature and painting on psychoanalytiv basis..based on the method of the complex psychology of C.G. Jung as well as the psychoanalysis of Freud. Very well documented. Treats the most important movements of modern art, ‘the presurrealist poems’ (Jarry, Rimbaud, Lautremont, Apollinaire), ‘the surrealist m ovement’, ‘the surrealist authors’ (all important authors), ‘the painting of surrealkism’ most detailled about Max Ernst, specially the collage’s of Max Ernst. The first issue of ‘Un Semaine de Bonté’, ‘Le Lion de Belfort’ and the paintings which are especially typical for surrealism, are analyst in-depth.

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Heidelberg, Lambert Schneider, 1950.

30 : 23,5 cm. 90 pages with 36 illustrations, 16 (1 coloured) plates. Original boards

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