(Klopstock, Friedrich Gottlieb). – Der Messias.


Early edition of Klopstock’s main ouevre. It contains the Ode to Friedrich the 5th King of Denmark, ‘Von der heiligen Poesie’; first to twentieth ‘Gesang’ (chant). To each ‘Gesang’ (chant) one engraved plate and addtionlly one engraved plate for the XXI chant, and two engraved plates which obviously have nothing to do with the book ‘Le beau Monrose, à cet objet fatal’ and one mounted engraved plate without title. Rare edition with the interesting engraved plates which are or are very much like the illustrations to Cervantes ‘Don Quijote’. – All title-pages with two small collectors stamps, Back fly-leave with handwritten notes by the owner, Exlibris.

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Schaffhausen, Hurter, 1773.

4 parts in 1 volume. 20,5 : 13,5 cm. Engraved frontispiece, 12 leaves, 174 pages; 8 leaves, 151 pages; 9 leaves, 238 pages; 11 leaves, 173 pages; with 23 engraved plates after Goya? Blue calf in contemporary style, spine gilt, back label.

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