Hoffmann – Thun-Hohenstein, Christoph, Mathias Boeckl, Rainald Franz nd Christian Witt-Dörring. – Josef Hoffmann 1870-1956. Progress Through Beauty.


This guide places every discipline and phase of Josef Hoffmannan’s oeuvre in an international context for the very first time. With a career spanning almost six decades, Hoffmann is one of Autria’s most influencial architects, designers, and teacher of the early 20th century. In 40 essays renowed international experts of Viennese Modernism analyze his most important buildings, interiors, and exhibitions, as well as decorative art designs and products. Drawing on the latest research, the multimedia approch of the designer’s seminal artistic vision, the wideranging international reception of his work, and his continuously close acquaintance with social elites througout five political periods- from the monarchy to the Second Austrian Republic – are conveyed in both text and illustrations.

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Vienna, MAK, 2021.

32 : 24 cm. 453 pages with hundreds, partly colured plates and illustrations, 2 leaves.. Coloured illustrated original boards.

200,00 EUR