Fujiwara, Makoto und Shoji, Satoru and others. Bericht zum Bildhauer-Symposium 1970 St. Margarethen. Burgenland. (sculpture symposium).


The following Japanese artists have been participating at the 1970 Symposium: Makoto Fujiwara, Takao Hirose, Saturo Shoji, Makio Yamaguchi and Tetsuzo Yamamoto. The sculpture-symposium in St. Margarehten, Burgenland, Austria was founded in 1959 by the artist Karl Prantl, in St. Margarethen near the border to Hungary. In the quarry until 1976 about 150 artists from all over the world have been working there. The sculptures they have made, have been partly sold, around 50 sculptures are still there and can be viewed by the public. The here present symposium from 1970 was made by Japanese artists. A group of them have been working together during a couple of weeks planning, discussing and finishing the sculptures. In 9 detailled drawings you an see the developement of the sculptures, the text is explianing the works.

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Eisenstadt, 1971.

30 : 20,5 cm. 4 leaves, 9 double-page plans, 3 photographs. Original board-portfolio.

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