China – Nagakubo, Sekisui. – Japanese Colour Woodblock Historical Atlas of China. (Todo rekidai shugun enkaku chizu).


This japanese historical atlas of Chinese maps traces Chinese history from the early times through to the Qing Dynasty. Includes the foreward from the 1789 first edition. The popular atlas contains the following maps: 1. (Dai Shinkoku doteizu) Map of the Broad World of Great Qing. – 2. (Uko kyushuzu) Yugong Map of the Nine Provinces. – 3. Shu Shokuho-shi-zu) Map of the Nine Provinces of Zhou Dynasty. – 4. (Shunju rekkokuzu) Map if the Five Nations of Chunqiu Period (Eastern Zhou Dynasty). – 5. (Sengoku shichiyuzu) Map of Seven States of Zhangou Period (Eastern Zhou Dynasty). – 6. (Shin sanjurokugun narabi ni Etsu shingun) Map of Thirty-six Administrative Regions of Qin Dynasty. – 7. (Seikan shugunzu) Map of Administrative Divisions and Subdivisions of Western Han Dynasty. – 8. (Tokan shungunzu) Map of Administrative Division of Eastern Han Dynasty. – 9.(Sangoku teijizu) Map of Tripartite Confrontation of the Three Kingdoms. – 10. (Ryo Shin Nanbokucho shungunzu). Map of Administrative Divisions and Subdivisions of Two Jin Dynasties, Southern and Northern Dynasties (A.D. 265-5890). – 11. (To judozu) Map of Ten Prfectures of Tang Dynasties. – 12. (Dai Min itto nikei jusanshozu) Map of Thirteen Provinces of Great Ming. – 13. (Ajia sho Toyozu) Map of Asia and Little Eastern Ocean. – Introduction in the upper part with some water-stains, maps not effected; binding partly dusty and a bit wrinkled.

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Edo, 1857.

36 : 24 cm. 13 coloured, double-page woodblock-maps. Japanese accordion binding, paper title-label on upper cover.

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