Autograph -Thiemann, Carl. Painter and graphic artist (1881-1966).4 typewritten contracts, signed. Karlsbad and Dachau, 1908 to 1915.


Contracts about the sale of his original woodcut “Schwan” (29.IV. 1908), “Birken im Herbst” (26.VIII. 1908), “Abend vor Venedig” (28.IV.1911) and “Bach im Winter” (31.VII.1915) including right of reproduction to the Gesellschaft für vervielfältigende Kunst in Vienna. – Supplement a typewritten letter by the laywer Wilhelm Diess, who was representing Thiemann legaly, in a lawsuit about the woodcut “Abend in Venedig” (dated Munich, 2.XII.1920). – Edges damaged, middle folded.

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Karlsbad and Dachau, 1908 – 1915.

29 : 20 cm. 4 pages on 5 leaves.

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