Americana – New York – Transactions of the society for the promotion of useful arts, in the state of New-York.


First edition. [Rink 20]. The first agricultural association in the state of New York was the “Society the Promotion of Agriculture, Arts and Manufactures,” organized in New York C in 1791. It was succeeded by this society in 1804, and this is the first vol of their transactions. Butter, butter churns, protractors, cleaning casks, weights and measures, manure, the introduction of Spanish sheep, cultivation hemp, Indian corn, smut in wheat, disease in flax, culture of the grape, etc. with handsome plates. Here are a number of contributions by Chancellor Rober R. Livingston, several on merino sheep (with a folding plate), as well as a description and plate of “A Floating Battery, on a new construction, by the l Abraham Bloodgood.” The rotating battery involved substantially the principa that would be used in the turret in Erickson’s Civil War Monitor. – Binding rubbed. – Exlibris Alexander Crofts.

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Albany, Barber 1807.

21,5 : 13,5 cm. 236, 3 pages with 6 (1 folded) engraved plates. Contemporary half calf.

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