A long run of this famous journal – Art et Décoration: – Revue mensuelle d’art moderne.


Important French arts periodical on modern art and architecture with many partly half tone plates on architecture, decorative arts, painting, graphic design, sculpture, furniture, textiles, gardens etc. The present volumes covering mainly the art nouveau period. The illustrationas are by Walter Crane, Eugene Grasset, Alphonse Mucha, William Nicholson, Auguste Rodin, Theo van Rysselkberghe, Carlos Schwabe, M.P. Verneuil. Present are the following volumes: V. Janvier-Juin 1899 – VII. Janvier-Juin 1900 – VIII. Juillet-Décembre 1900 – IX. Janvier-Juin 1901 XIII. Janvier-Juin 1903 – XVII. Janvier-Juin 1905 (missing page 59/60 and 173-176) – XX. Juillet-Decembre 1906 (missing pages 141-172) – XXV. Janvier-Juin 1909 – XXVI. Juillet-Décembre 1909 (missing page 1/2 and 37-69) – XXVIII. Juillet-Décembre 1910 (missing page 115-120 and 143/144) – XXXII. Juillet-Décembre 1912 (missing page 17-20) – XXXIII. Janvier-Juin 1913 (missing page 177/178). – Also some pages and plates are missing it is still an extensive overview of the arts movements in Europe and overseas, containing articles and illustrations of the most important artists of that time. – Binding a bit rubbed, some pages in two volumes with menor tears, otherwise a good copy.

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Paris, Levy 1899 – 1913.

12 volumes. 29 : 21,5 cm. Richly illustated with many partly coloured plates. Original half-cloth.

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