Botany -(Trattnick, Leopold:Archiv der Gewächskunde.


The rarest work by Trattnick, here in loose plates. Refering to Nissen 296 plates were issued, of those 227 are here present. Very beautiful engravings mostly of flowers. “Trattnick’s rarest work, a ‘gallery’ of botany with highly finished plates in the typical Jacquin-Trattnick Viennese style…The plates are some of the most attractive to be found in any of Trattnick’s works” (de Belder). – Nissen BBI1982; Stafleu-C. 14.882; de Belder Libr. 357.

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Vienna, Schaumburg 1812 – 1814).

23 : 16,5 cm. 227 (off 296?) engraved plates by Beyer and Seher after Strenzel. Housed in a cloth-box.

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