Advertising -Ruben, Paul:Die Reklame.


First edition. The hugh standard-work on the theory and practice of the first golden age of the advertising art in Germany and Austria. Both volumes, including the mostly missing second volume. The richly illustrated oeuvre deals with all fields of advertising, with advertising in the United States, in Austrai-Hungary, with advertising stamps, advertising in tobacco-trade, the relation between advertising and architecture etc. Volume one cntains a bibliography (512 entries) on advertising literature. – A mint copy, complete, rare.

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Berlin, Verlag für Sozialpolitik und Paetel 1913 – 1914.

2 volumes. 26,5 : 19,5 cm. XI, 360; XIII, 304 pages, 3 leafs with many, partly full page illustrations and over 230 partly colored plates and some original-advertising-stamps. Original cloth.

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